Monday, March 11, 2013

Ten Chapters, 20 Thousand Words

Progress has slowed down a little now that I am back to school and working again. However, I managed to reach the 20 thousand word mark today!

Actually, I lied. I'm at 19,546.

Tomorrow, I need to present a Work In Progress for my class. I will probably present them with this list of characters (copied from my project proposal):

Main Characters
Selena: smart, wounded, and often speaks without thinking first. She often lets herself get carried away by her emotions.
Lester: laid back, against violence, and straightforward. He will never be cruel for no reason, but will never lie, either.
Arianna: Bubbly, happy, and loves everyone. She believes there are no bad people and hopes to find a man who loves her enough to buy her freedom.
Billy: Strong, sarcastic, and fierce. She is rarely in a good mood, but somehow that makes her likeable.
Lawrence: Quiet, careless, and socially crippled. He cannot move up in levels due to his inability to connect with the audience.
Amber: keeps to herself and only wants to win.
Jacob: ambitious, friendly, and emotional. He wants to gain freedom to find his loved one in the outside world.
Jordan: rude, ruthless, and selfish. His only desire is to escape, and he is ready to do anything for that, even kill.
Mr. Lavergne: the self-righteous owner of the fight club. He believes he is actually helping people by running this business.

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