Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Hey guys!

I hope all is well for everyone. As for me, I am starting my first serious writing project (well, first in several years): Abiding Heart.

I've attempted several novels before, and succeeded in finishing two or three of them. Not that I would make anyone read those anymore. Abiding Heart will be the culmination of everything I have learned as a writer.

The novel will be set in a futuristic North America that has fallen into chaos after World War III. My goal is to construct a heroine that is unlike others: wounded, unpure, crude, and selfish but big-hearted all at once. The story will appeal to daring young audiences (NOT children, however) and to those who enjoy love, action, and broken characters all in one bundle.

I will update my progress with the story as I go along. I also write songs and poetry, and may decide to post a few of those once in a while.

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