Monday, March 18, 2013

One More Chapter To Go...

That's it! For the school project version, I only have one more chapter to write. I will then finish with a short epilogue, and then I can really get started...

I'm really thinking about completing the novel before publishing Part One. That would set the publishing date back several months (I'm hoping maybe in the early Fall 2013), but it would be so much better that way. I feel like people will enjoy reading a bigger story more than they would the novella. What do you think?

I leave you with a short quote from Chapter Eleven:

Something snapped, and I forgot all of that ‘indispensable for making me whole again’ shit; I darted towards him and threw a punch towards his face. He caught my fist with his bare hand and laughed; I thrust my other arm forward, but he caught this one too. I let out a scream of exasperation.
     “If that’s all you can do when you’re angry, it won’t be enough,” Jordan said, this time without the smile. He was very, very serious. “Stop hitting like a wimp and try to kill me.”

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